Google AdWords: Standard Delivery Vs. Accelerated Delivery

Think of Standard Delivery and Accelerated Delivery like a race to spend a budget.

Think of Standard Delivery and Accelerated Delivery like a race to spend a budget.

As part of my Site and Search marketing class, we are to be Google certified. That means I can place the word “expert” after my name when it comes to AdWords or Analytics (probably both, as I am nerd and want to take two tests). As part of our class, there are study sessions in which we teach one another terms and why they’re important.

Unfortunately, I had to take a sick day on the first session, so I got some extra time to fully understand my terms.

Hopefully, I can explain them to you as simply and clearly as possible.

Standard Delivery Vs. Accelerated Delivery 

First of all, when it comes to building a Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaign, you’re obviously under a budget. Google knows it, your client knows it, and your bank balance knows it.

So definition one

Standard Delivery: This is Google’s default option, allowing for your ad to be seen as much as possible on relevant sites as often as possible within your budget. Basically, you decide you want to spend $50 a day and that guarantees your ad will be seen throughout the day within your budget. Let’s say 5 times. (I’m making up frequency here) However, this is distributed through different times so you’re not stuck only showing your ad in the morning. Afternoon and late night searchers will see you too.

Definition Two:

Accelerated Delivery: This happens when your ads are displayed as often as possible, which you have to choose. However, it may limit the time that your ads are seen, as well as deplete your budget faster. More people will see it, but over a shorter period of time. You’re blitzing your ad, rather than evenly distributing it.

The Search Agents did a case study on this, and they found a Standard campaign worked best for their client. I’ve pulled one of their diagrams to show the difference between the two.


Hours in the day, and how long the ad was live.
From the Search Agents Delivery Case Study.

So what are you to choose? There really is no wrong answer. If you know that most of your readership or searchers are up really early, why not accelerate to ensure they are seeing your ad. If you don’t have that information, or on a tighter budget so slow and steady wins the race.

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